About Us

Jyowaki is a brand by Niraj Industries for lighting fixtures. After decades in commercial lighting business, Niraj Industries has ventured out to serve customer's expectation in the Indian lighting arena.

Jyowaki, which means ‘firefly’ in Sanskrit, is introduced by Niraj Industries, backed with a long history of product innovation in metal crafted lighting fixtures. Owing to our in-house Design, Development and Manufacturing capabilities, we are a renowned name amongst our clients to deliver ‘effective and sustainable solution with unparalleled quality’. 


After its inception in August 1985, by our mentor Mr. Rasiklal B. Chudasma, Niraj Industries has been catering to OEMs, Dealers and Suppliers with sheet metal based lighting solution. With over 40 years of experience, from the start of our predecessor company, we have grown and prospered by providing excellent products, value-added services, on-time deliveries, and outstanding customer service.

Now with our increased manufacturing and logistical facility we are eager to render our services to the next level.

As a family owned firm, Niraj Industries has always understood that trust is crucial to the building of a secure business infrastructure and developing long standing relationships with clients. It is these ethics and practices that we hope you will trust enough to become a part of our business.

“Yes all these claims seem ambitious for a young brand, asking to choose us over our peers, with promises of quality & commitment. But we will endeavour to ensure that Jyowaki is not a brand that you will choose to ignore.”
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